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Turbine 2020 Kite Slingshot

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Slingshot Turbine V10 2020 Kite

One decade of light wind kite development by Slingshot

The Slingshot Turbine V10 2020 has been one of the first dedicated light wind kites on the market and has evolved ever since. This year, Slingshot hat added some great new features to their Turbine. With this kite, you won´t be sitting on the beach and waiting with the others for the wind to pick up. This kite harnesses enormous power even from the lightest breeze.

The Slingshot Turbine is a great addition to everyone´s kite quiver, that wants to have more time on the water or if you live in area, where the winds tend to be lighter. This kite delivers huge power and has been equipped with the new 4x4 Canopy Tech material, which is super strong and stiff. Due to this material the kite has a really strong structure and offers a lot of stability. Due to this material, the kite always keeps its ideal profile. The shape of the kite is a Open-C-Design, which offers a large wind range. This is important, when you are hooked onto the 15m or 17m Turbine V10 and the wind picks up. Due to the shape, the depower works great and you will be able to handle that extra power. Another important feature is the Split-Strut-Design. The struts are integrated into the canopy of the kite. This ensures a cleaner air flow and offers extra stability in the sky. The 5-point-bridle system keeps the kite in shape and you can adjust the turning speed and bar pressure to your liking. The Turbine V10 cruises upwind with ease, so you don´t have to be worried to do the walk of shame. To get you out as fast as possible, the kite is equipped with the Slingshot One-Pump-System. This is extra important when pumping up sizes like 15m or 17m. If you want superior power in almost no wind to shred on your Twintip there is almost no way around the Turbine V10. Buy yourself more time on the water and get this beast of a light wind kite. Features
  • Light wind | Powerhouse
  • 4x4 Teijin Ripstop
  • Split-Strut-Design
  • Exzellente Depower
  • Flyweight Construction to save weight
  • One-Pump-System
  • Easy relaunch
  • Adjustable to your liking
  • 4 line kite

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