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Kadobon 200 Kitemana

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Kitemana Gift Card

The perfect kite gift card for every kitesurfer

It's your friend's birthday ahead of you and you have to think of a present, but what do you really make them happy with? Kitemana's gift card of course!
The gift card comes in a nice envelope where you can write a personal message for the birthday boy or girl. You can order the Gift Voucher in different amounts. Choose the amount you want to give as a gift and make your friend happy!

You will receive the gift voucher by post with a unique code on it. If you need the code faster, you can always contact customer service and we can also send you the code by e-mail and then we can't send the Gift Card if you want to.

How does it work to use the code?

The code on the card can be redeemed directly online or in our megastore in Noordwijk. You do this by entering the code under activation code that can be found in the shopping cart. Enter the code and the amount will be deducted from your purchase amount. If the value of the gift is not fully spent with a purchase, it remains fully valid on the card.

Please note: the gift voucher is non-returnable.

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a kite and that comes pretty close!'

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    Kitemana Gift Card

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