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Ghost 2020 Kite Slingshot

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Slingshot Ghost V1 2020 Kite

The brand new One-Strut Kite by Slingshot

The Ghost V1 is a new addition to the growing range of Slingshot kites and it is very welcome! This one-strut kite is ideal for foiling or if you travel and want to take with your own equipment. This kite is very light weight, yet stable in the air due to the unique split strut design and responds great even when underpowered due to the IRS Bridles. Get out there on your foil, twintip or directional and stay out there!

Don´t worry, this ghost is not going to spook you! The all new Slingshot Ghost V1 is a very friendly one-strut kite that suits all levels of riders. Beginners will enjoy the ease of use and fast steering, the large depower range and its stability. This is also what advanced foilers are happy about, as well as the easy water relaunch that comes from the compact shape and swept shape. The shape also allows the kite respond very fast to your steering impulse and turn quickly, when you are going through that downloop transition. To provide that extra pinch of responsiveness the Slingshot Ghost V1 got equipped with the IRS Bridles. This bridle system has a bungee in them to make the kite turn quicker, even when you are really underpowered or when the bar is completely sheeted out. The Ghost V1 also comes with the unique split strut design by Slingshot. The strut is integrated into the canopy of the kite, which provides the canopy with even more stability and reduces turbulences. On top, the new 4x4 Ripstop Canopy is extra strong and extra stiff. This one-strut kite is not going to flatter around in the sky. Also, no need to worry, if the wind picks up. The Ghost V1 has swept back wingtips, which really creates an enormous depower range. An ultra simple kite that is accessible to all levels of riders, equipped with great features to create a great one-strut foil to light wind Twintip freeride kite - the Slingshot Ghost V1!

  • Light wind | Foiling
  • 4x4 Teijin Ripstop
  • Split-Strut-Design
  • IRS Bridle
  • One-Strut Shape
  • Easy relaunch
  • Flyweight Construction to save weight
  • Exzellente Depower
  • One-Pump-System
  • Adjustable to your liking
  • 4 line kite

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