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Aeneema V2.S 2019 KiteBen Wilson

Aeneema V2.S 2019 Kite 10 out of 10 2 user reviews.
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BWS AE2.S 2019 Surf Kite

De Aeneema 2.S is uit!

Na het succes van eerste generatie BWS Æneema waren de verwachtingen hoog om een ​​betere en meer geavanceerde surfvlieger te creëren. En hoewel wij (en zoveel kiters over de hele wereld) van de Æneema houden, voelden Ben Wilson dat er nog veel ruimte voor verbetering was. Met de Æ2 kunnen we wel zeggen dat we BWS geslaagd is deze missie te volbrengen. De Æ2 is een compleet nieuw ontwerp met een smooth profiel en sneller stuurgedrag. De respons op de golf en drift is veel groter dan zijn voorgangers. Een zeer goede vooruitgang wat ons betreft. De Aeneema is de kite met beste drift performance!

Elke maat van de BWSurf AE2 Kitesurf Vlieger is specifiek ontworpen voor zijn doel en windbereik. De Leading Edges in grotere formaten zijn lichter en dunner, maar bevatten nog steeds voldoende volume voor een stijf frame en een snelle relaunch. Bovendien heeft elke vliegerafmeting zijn eigen specifieke frame voor de beste prestaties. De Æ2 is een ongelooflijk krachtige en complete wave kite voor alle condities en alle niveaus.

Æ2 is de voortzetting van de Æ1 en is gebouwd voor rijden in veeleisende omstandigheden op basis van mijn persoonlijke ervaringen. Van lichte zomerbries tot intense Tyfoons, deze vlieger heeft het allemaal gezien. Het nieuwe, verfijnde SD-profiel (Smooth Drift) van de vlieger biedt een smooth krachtopbouw en gevoel in de bar en verbetert de draaisnelheid en prestaties in alle delen van het windvenster. Elke maat is ontworpen voor de specifieke omstandigheden en is niet simpelweg een schaalvergroting van de vorm. De Æ2 biedt een verbeterde sensatie tijdens het golfrijden terwijl je niet eens doorhebt dat de vlieger er is. Gemaakt zodat jij je helemaal op de golven kunt focussen.

Nieuw in de V2.S Aeneema
  • Nieuwe verbeterde valve waarbij je geen opzetstukje meer nodig hebt!
  • Sterkere en duurzamere bridle lijnen
  • Verbeterd bladder materiaal

  • Speciaal gemaakt voor het golfrijden
  • Nieuwe fabriek voor een sterkere bouwwijze
  • 3-strut ontwerp
  • Iedere maat afzonderlijk ontworpen
  • Surf proof constructie
  • Lekkere drift
  • Super snel stuurgedrag

    BWS AE2 Surf Kite

    BWS AE2 Surf Kite

    BWS AE2 Surf Kite

    BWS AE2 Surf Kite

    BWS AE2 Surf Kite

    BWS AE2 Surf Kite

  • Aeneema V2.S 2019 Kite Rating: 10 out of 10 Martin Cox 2018-03-28
    Martin Cox
    Martin Cox
    28 March 2018 on 15:34

    Tried and tested - Æ2 7 & 9m. So have had two decent sessions with the 9m in side off 2m swell down here in Sth Africa. The wind was blowing 12 knots and probably gusting 18, so an average of 14/16kn. And 3 or 4 sessions with 7m from 15/16 knots to 25 ish. The first thing you notice about these kites is the build quality. You pump the leading edge and they feel totally solid. The stitching is neat and the protectors, although minimal (I presume to keep the weight down) are all in the right places. The trailing edge has also been reinforced and the valves and connectors have velcro caps to protect against canopy chafing. It's a personal thing but I looooove the color scheme!
    So, in the air. I'm going to start with mentioning the Blue Chip Bar. These kites perform better with this new bar. Tighter, crisper, cleaner and more accurate control is achieved, including better behavior in gusty wind. The kites are light, have excellent ‘park and surf’ drift and are easy to manage in all situations. They charge upwind better than most (combined with the Stallion better than ALL!) The water relaunch is second to none. The slightly curved leading edge (you'll notice this when parked on the beach) helps the kites off the water excellently. The kites can power turn and shoot across the window at high speed for carves or pivot on a dime for direction control when surfing. The low down grunt is punchy (but without the tractor pull) and when the wind picks up or becomes gusty the kites behave so well you don't really feel a need to downsize. Either let the bar out on the 'infinity throw' or bump the knob on the bar to lengthen the back lines. I've found I'm able to use one kite size smaller in low winds and one kite size larger in stronger winds. Huge wind range, precision control and excellent drift. Surf’s up! Well done everyone at BWS! Sterling job!

    Looking forward to getting the 4.5m when it’s ready as most days are over 30 knots here in Cape Town!

    Aeneema V2.S 2019 Kite Rating: 10 out of 10 Morgan Hall 2018-02-08
    Morgan Hall
    Morgan Hall
    8 February 2018 on 14:48

    Finally got a few hours on my AE2 8M after a month of no wind.

    Conditions started off very light, about 13-15kts, but forecast to build through the afternoon to 25-30. Wind direction was typical NW which is about 70 degrees onshore. Waves were double to triple overhead and in full out of control mode.

    I rode it with a small pimped bar, no depower and used the neutral pigtails on the steering lines.

    Sitting o the beach, the first thing that jumps out is the leading edge sitting well off the sand. In the wind, the kite bounces a bit, but generally seems stable and didn’t threaten to self launch. A surfboard was enough weight to settle it while I rigged the lines.

    Self launching was simple, very similar to the Aeneema, and it depowers fully after leaping into the air. In the lighter wind I could play around with the stall characteristics. Benign would be an understatement. Forced into a stall at the edge of the window and it lightly backs down without any abrupt stall.

    On the water, the power comes on Dano Smooth (you can trademark that or just use it at the bar) and with a little less effort than its predecessor. I’m not going to label it “grunty” but I think Kiter’s used to a kite with a strong low end will have an easier time with this version.

    Turning is fast and smooth as others have noted. Most obvious, in a hard turn, the AE2 shows none of the trailing edge flutter that I see on the AE. Faster, smoother and more efficient turns seem to be the result. It is a little more rigid in feel than the Ae. Very little wobble or jellyfishing in turbulence.

    Drift is exactly what I have come to expect. Down the line on the rights the kite just floats out front and remains responsive even with very little line tension. With the wind direction I was able to drift it either facing onshore or offshore, at least for 30-50 yards at a stretch.

    Going left on waves and into the wind the depower range was enough to allow surfing a double overhead wave even in 20-25kts without being tugged off the face.

    The session finished out with gusts to around 30. I was pretty well lit, but not uncomfortable which gives this kite a ridiculous range of useful wind. I self landed behind my truck and the kite planted and stuck like I am used to.

    Overall first impression is that it is a very nice refinement of the Ae. Nothing earth shattering about the changes, but subtle tuning in a number of ways that all come together well.

    Are there any negatives?

    Nothing really comes to mind. The leading edge sitting so far off the sand makes me a little nervous, but a few scoops of sand was all that it takes to settle it down.

    The graphics are a bit busy for my taste. I’d like to see it dialed back a bit. The extra chevron strips on the struts is a little over the top. But that’s a matter of opinion. I like simple colors.

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